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Oh Lord Won't You Buy Me A Podcast

Dec 24, 2018

The incredible intro/outro music was written and arranged by Matthew Sharrock. Listen to his otherwonderful tracks here: #exposure

We're baaack! More hosts, more adverts, more #content. Merry Christmas.

In this record-breaking tenth episode, we explore the John Lewis extended universe, present the harrowiing sequel to Sainsbury's 2014 WWI ad, question the representation of the genders in an M&S advert, and get angry about using dead orangutans to sell mince pies

Remember, if you don’t #consume, we’re all doomed.

Image credit: Tuphuggy, CC 4.0

Audio credits: Matthew Sharrock, [robinhood76, vedas, zagi2] (CC 0,, "Russian Cheeky Soldier Voice" by Iwan Gabovitch CC. 3.0 (